Sample Reply letter, After discussing reduced payment plan on telephone with Credit Card Company

Sample Letter from Credit Card Company:


Dear Sir / Madam

Your new plan

Your account number: xxxxxxxxxx
Your current balance: £1,000.000

Thank you for discussing your repayments with us. I am pleased to let you know that for the next 3 months your reduced payment will be £14.00.

This one title offer means that your Monthly Interest Rate has been changed to 0.472%.

When your plan finishes your monthly payment and interest rate will calculated in line with your latest Terms and Conditions.

If you are having problems with your payments or your circumstances change at any time please let us know straight away.

If you don’t keep up your payments this plan will end early and these reduced rate payments will stop.  We also reserve the right to cancel this plan and we will let you know should this occur.

If you pay this by Standing Order; you will need to contact your bank to ask them to change the payment amount.

If you pay this by Direct Debit; this will automatically change to the new amount.

We’re happy to help you with any questions you may have. For your information, we sometimes record calls to help us protect your security and also improve our service.

Yours faithfully

Manager, Collections Centre